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The product European Hattrick Federation by sstefan would like to connect to your account on Hattrick with the following permissions:

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  • Manage challenges

Allow the requested access with your social connected hattrick account or type in your hattrick credentials and press allow. You can also press deny if you don't want to allow access

Your login name and password are only used to verify your identity here at Hattrick and are not passed on to the product.

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At Hattrick we are very concerned with the security of our users. We also encourage the development of external products that enrich your Hattrick experience by accessing your data and presenting it in other forms. Therefore, we use the Open Authentication protocol (http://oauth.net/about/) to give you the possibility to grant an application access to your data, without having to give it your login name and password.

Please ensure that you trust European Hattrick Federation with your information before proceeding!

By clicking "Allow" you grant the product European Hattrick Federation the ability to connect to your account on Hattrick with the permissions listed above, without asking you for your login name or password. You can revoke this permission at any time in your Settings page on Hattrick.

Clicking "Deny" means that the application European Hattrick Federation cannot access your data, and therefore you will probably not be able to use it as intended.

About phishing

You should never give your login name and/or password to anyone else but Hattrick. Before logging in make sure that this is not a forged web site by verifying that your browser's address bar shows that you are on chpp.hattrick.org.

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The product can read your private team data and some private manager data, such as bookmarks, federation memberships, and achievements. It can not read private messages or forums. It can not change any data on your account.

The product can manage challenges for your team. Existing challenges can be accepted or denied, and new challenges can be created.

The product can manage your youth players. At the moment this only includes unlocking skills.

The product is allowed to place a bid on a player for sale in the name of any of your teams and remove hotlisted players.

The product is allowed to set match orders for your coming matches.

The product is allowed to set training for any of your teams. This includes the type, percentage, and stamina share.